Search Other Catalogs

This webpage provides a mechanism for conducting proximity searches through other object catalogs. HEASARC has assembled the catalogs to support cone searches that return search results in VOTable format. The VOTable results are parsed and then displayed below for quick viewing. You can also download the results for more analysis.

Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF) provided the data for the ATNF pulsar catalog . The HEASARC database is synchronized periodically when ATNF updates their database. You can also search the original database directly from an online interface at

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) Very Large Array (VLA) Sky Survey (NVSS) is also available for search.

A subset of the McCook-Sion White Dwarf Catalog can be searched. The full version can be consulted at the Villanova White Dwarf Catalog.

1. Set search parameters

Right ascension (J2000 in degrees):
Declination (J2000 in degrees):
Search radius (in arcminutes):
Catalog to Search:
ATNF Pulsar Catalog
NVSS Catalog
White Dwarf Catalog

2. Run Query