Pilot Survey :: Layout

The design of the database follows the layout of the flat files generated from the signal processing tools. Each pointing has a corresponding entry in the Headers table, and the other tables have a many-to-one relationship to the Headers table. The schema picture provides a general overview of how the tables are related to each other.

For descriptions of what kind of data is stored in each table and field, please see the schema details page.

Database Sizes

The following is the size of the data as uncompressed flat files. When loaded into SQL Server, the database is significantly larger due to performance-enhancing indices.

Bandpass12,032 rows472KB
Candidates48,217 rows3.1MB
Folded_profiles3,760,200 rows233MB
Headers418 rows97KB
Plots418 rows3.33GB
Power_spectra1,165,799 rows40MB
Pulses117,244,056 rows8.18GB
Pulses_dmlist194,158 rows6.86MB
Time_series1,978,687 rows69MB